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Because I think it's horribly obvious that I forget I have a livejournal. -sigh-

Touched - Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

             There was nothing she could do about the swimming tonight. She had puppy class in an hour and she still had to set up. Damn. She couldn’t do this. If she messed up everyone’s life was on the line and quite frankly, she didn’t have the slightest clue what she was doing. But she couldn’t bail and she couldn’t find a way out of this. Talk about a pickle of a problem.


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Actually remembering to post here!

Actually it's a sort of cross-post from my main blog, but at least I'm remembering to use my lj. xD

I'm finally home again. I feel like I've bee pet sitting for a few weeks straight now - and I pretty much have. It's nice to get the extra money but I can't always manage to get anything done while pet sitting. The cats and dogs kept me on my toes on this last one. The cats took to knocking everything off of perches, from their food dishes (sometimes full of food) to the glass I'd set down on the counter when I went to take one of the dogs out (yeah, yeah... shattered glass... not cool). A few of the dogs I watched were foster dogs... not used to living in a home and very needy. Normally I can write through almost anything a dog does (cats not so much, because well... they can reach anywhere the little buggers), but having a drooling head in my lap kind of diswayed me from pen and paper OR alphasmart. What can I say, it was a losing battle?

However, I'm home now and have started my next rough draft. I plan on starting on the edits of one of the drafts I just finished not too long ago and get that into a decent draft for other eyes to go over. But for now, I'm amusing myself with the new Big Shiny Idea: Touched (working title). Here's a brief excerpt/opening paragraph in all its unedited glory. Which incluedes my [Fill in the Blanks Later] brackets:

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Proof, in other words, that I have been writing.

Forget me not...

I always forget I have an LJ. You'd think I'd at least remember to post the posts from my normal blog, but nope. I'm useless at this. So I guess LJ updates are always going to be sporadic for me.

So far this year (since my last post was the goals for 2009), I've written two rough drafts and revised one. This month is revision month on a few others.

Life itself is going well, but I'm getting close to the cut off time where I need to find a new job because I won't have mine soon. Great. I love where I'm at, but I can't have a work study job forever, especially if I'm done with that college. I hate job shopping.

I also added a website link to my main blog in my profile. I love how it turned out. ^_^

2009 Goals and January Wrap up

Well, this is a little late, but oh well.

Last year, my big goal was to write 400,000 words. I ended up writing 413,781 words – all fiction, and minus December (in which I spent rewriting, but am not counting those words, it’s too troublesome).


So what does that leave me for 2009? I decided to look at this year differently, because I don't just want to focus on new words, but also getting some drafts to the next step.


So I think, generally my goals for 2009 are:

1. To see at least 2 of my first drafts into a second draft

2. To write at least 2 new first drafts


So for January my goal was to finish my rewrite of Open Season, and see where that took me. I got pretty close there, I only have 8 scenes left to rework and draft 2 will be done. Overall, I'm not so sure where I stand with this book. I adore OS's characters, but this might end up being a free book I toss up online for anyone to read or completely redrafted into something else. (The latter of which I do have ideas on and know how I'd change it, if I want to put the work in...) We'll see, it gets a break after I finish this anyway.

However, I also started a new work in January... pretty spur of the moment. The idea hit me that evening, I played with it mentally for a few hours trying to convince myself to shove it out of my mind and in the end wrote the first 1000 before I could let it rest and go to sleep. I started with less than 200 words, just a quick jot down of the original idea... but the story hasn't stopped coming since. I'm sitting at 45,000 words in and still going strong. Doing this much writing alongside the rewrite of OS did slow me down quite a bit but the WIP also proved to be one heck of a motivator. I hope to have the WIP, Territory Lines, done by the end of this month or close... cause next month is NaNoEdMo and I'd like to use that to help keep me focused on another edit/rewrite work on another one of my first drafts... I'm thinking my 2007 NaNo Cry Wolf. 

I started a short story project for the year as well, so I should go add that to my goals. But I'll leave the explanation for that to another post.

WriYe Goal Finished!

First off, I’ve officially finished my Writing Goal for the year 2008. I wanted to write 400,000 new words this year. At the moment, with NaNoWriMo done for me - I’m sitting at a total of 413,781 words for the year and feeling darn proud of myself. I’ve had my good months and my bad ones, but this year was the first time that I tried to write something every month. After last year’s NaNo was such a success I was determined to keep writing and see if I couldn’t make it a habit for myself. I think I succeeded fairly well.

My year thus far looks like this:

January: 65810
February: 62,568
March: 51,006
April: 1,600
May: 14,918
June: 74,937
July: 7,859
August: 24,165
September: No recorded count. I was working on outlines/research again.
October: 26,243
November: 84,675

(I don’t have a count from 2007 to compare, but I know last year in Jan I wrote around 30k, then fell out until about the last 2 weeks of July where I wrote around 75k, then in November I wrote 100,036, and December where I wrote 59,246. My writing this year was much more consistent, though I still had my ups and downs).

I’m not sure how much more that number will climb in December as my goal for the next month will be to look over a book I wrote in December 07/Jan-Feb 08, Open Season. I’ve already started the first read-through of it - not making any notes, just letting myself enjoy the story and getting a feel for how things built. After I finish that I’ll be going through a second time, marking everything that I feel needs changing/rearranging and so on. From there I’ll be tackling the rewrite - cutting scenes that don’t need in there, rewriting the rough patches, and adding scenes that are necessary to the book. I’m hoping to get a choppy second draft of OS done by the end of the month, but it’ll depend on how things go. But I have part of my winter break in December, so I can get quite a bit of work done. -crosses fingers-

I’m also looking on towards the next year already. I don’t think I’ll be setting a word count goal for the year, or at least not a large one (I do want to complete a rough draft or two, so I might set a goal for that), because I’ll be doing a lot of rewrites/edits rather than new first drafts. I can’t wait to see how my writing continues to improve… when I look back at NaNo 06 and compare… just wow. How much will I improve in another year? Two? I can’t wait to see!

(Edit: Wrong November stats, fixed now.)

NaNoWriMo Progress - 41,841 words

I feel that I'm behind on my progress up dates for NaNo. The month is going very well and I'm enjoying the story so much that I find myself writing and writing and writing. I'm not saying it was the easiest to slip into, but now that the momentum is going, it's a blast.

I'm writing Lost and Found for this NaNo, here's the little blurb I did up for it:

Lost and Found

Josie Hart always knew that being a border collie shape-shifter had it’s advantages. So when her boss’s boyfriend turns what should have been a casual breakup into a case of domestic violence and steals her cat, its Josie to the rescue. Determined to smuggle back the missing feline she takes to the streets as a dog. Against dog-nappers and the local animal control Josie is risking her tail for a rather ungrateful feline, especially when she finds herself on a several night stay at the local Humane Society, again.

Now, thanks to her not-so wonderful track record at the HS, she’s catching the eye of Connor Reid, the super-cute employee responsible for her doggie jail time. Even worse, she’s falling nose over paws for the man; at least that’s when he’s not recommending flea products and house visits to her roommate. The last thing she needs is noble minded man out to save a dog that doesn’t need it.

Then the ex-boyfriend in question starts suspecting that Josie’s been in his house and when he notices the stolen cat gone and a view of Josie running down the street cat in hand, things get a little messy… She’s not safe as a human or dog, and the man she’s starting to fall in love with, doesn’t realize she’s also the most recent doggy drop off. So when Connor ends up as her dog-self’s caretaker for a few days Josie’s plans get even more muddled along with her heart.

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Normally I try and get a blurb that’s more self-explanitory up, but this story was tough to find one. It took my awhile to get into my main character, she’s much more animated than I am. This has been up for awhile, but I figured it was time to blog it so I can upload my second one soon.


So close!

I keep looking at the calendar and recounting the days… We’re so close to NaNo that I feel like I could fly. With the right wind of course. I’ve spent the last three days checking the NaNo store over and over again, waiting for them to restock my size in the NaNo shirts so I can order one. It’s such a bummer to know that I’m probably not going to get one in the first week of November, because even though they said they were restocking Friday, they haven’t updated the site to say why there aren’t any… What a bummer.

I was looking forward to wearing the new shirt to my first write-in ever. I suppose I’ll wear the old one. But yes! I’ll be going to a kick off party about a half hour away from where I live on November 1st. I’m so excited! I’ve never been to a write in before, but this one sounds like we’ll have quite a few people all writing and chatting for several hours. Wee! This makes it even better that NaNo is on a Saturday.

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NaNo Planning

My writing for this month is under way, but while I'm working on my GothNo I'm also trying to get some last minute planning done for NaNoWriMo.

I have a mock cover made for inspiration, which was actually much harder to do than it looks... considering the dog in the picture is composed of three different dogs. -sighs- So much for me doing a simple image... But I had a vision to stick too. LOL Though all pictures used were either from my own stock or from sxc.hu. It was a nice fun experiment.
Hopefully this all fits under the cut...
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Sep. 24th, 2008

Well this past Sunday was the annual GRRR picnic (Golden Retriever Rescue Resource), it's the rescue I help out with. I work with the Vice President as she's a past neighbor of mine, and help out with the foster dogs we have up here, but this last Sunday I got invited to go to the picnic with Rachel (the VP). It was an awesome experience. It's always nice knowing that the dogs you helped actually got homes, but even better to be able to meet them again and see just how much happier they are in their new homes. I went mainly to help hold dogs so that Rach and her roommate could show off their adopties and enjoy the picnic, but meeting the familiar furry faces of so many success stories was a bit eyewatering.

It's not often that I get to see the dogs I've helped rescue again so this was nice. Some pictures:

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